Volunteer Activity at KUKOMA Orphan House

On Sunday 14th 2014 We the members of K’s Dental Clinic went to do oral checkup for children at an Orphan House called KUKOMA House that is supported by Japanese located in Phnom Penh. There are 22 children both boys and girls. 
When we arrived they came to great us warmly. Then the manager started to introduce us about the history of the orphan house and the daily life of the orphans. After that all orphans performed three dances for us. They are pretty good at dancing. Furthermore, they can speak Japanese fluently.  Before we started, all orphans introduced themselves and their dreams one by one in Japanese.   Their Japanese speaking ability were appreciable. 


After that we started to check the oral condition by Japanese doctors and dental assistants. Then our Japanese dental technician took photos of their oral in order to make treatment plan for them. 

Next, we had a five minutes break and then started to teach them how to brush teeth that was taught by our dental assistants. They were very happy and joyful.

We all very happy to do volunteering to help contribute to society and we will continue this kind of activities.

Last we took photo with them altogether.